Up a Wall

June 22,2013
Take-out menus are proving to be an excellent source of misspellings. Maybe there's money to be made in menu proofreading. This menu, from the Europe Cafe & Grill in Tenafly, New Jersey, is just a little nuttier than it needs to be. But the hummus was terrific.

Don't 'Shoot' the Messenger

May 2,2013
I don't often turn to Chinese restaurant menus for misspellings because they can be easy targets. But this one invented a new word that has real charm. Quite accidentally, it's the second "steak"-related Misspelling of the Month in a row. So thanks to Empire Szechuan Village on Seventh Avenue, South,

A Meaty Error

April 12,2013
I found this misspelling on the financial Website, I think even Ron Swanson, the epic meat-lover of the hilarious TV show, Parks and Recreation, would have trouble eating a four-day steak. Then again, maybe not. 

Breaking Bread

December 31,2012
Sadly, these signs for products at a baker's stall at the Union Square Greenmarket in New York City don't do justice to the enticing breads that they advertise. Each sign has a spelling mistake.

Coffee Break

October 30,2012
It's becoming clear that a great number of the misspellings displayed here have to do with food. This advertising card from the Plaza Diner in Fort Lee, New Jersey, for example, has a triumvirate of mistakes. (And the spelling of cappuccino isn't one of them.) Can you find all three?