Inside Roller Derby Rivals: A Conversation with the Author

September 12,2014
Note: Holiday House ran this author Q&A in their September 2014 digital newsletter. Q: Sue, please tell us about your new book, ROLLER DERBY RIVALS. A: ROLLER DERBY RIVALS is the true story of the rivalry between two female skaters, Midge "Toughie" Brasuhn and Gerry Murray, during the 17 days in 1948 when

Grandma Got Game

March 13,2014
Recently Grace Butcher, an Ohio-based poet and writer who contributed four poems and a short story to my book, Girls Got Game, shared an anecdote involving her 11-year-old granddaughter, Kate. It seems that Kate, who lives with her family in New Hampshire, was studying poetry in her fifth-grade class. Her

Bicycle of the Day

February 3,2014
Yesterday, the groundhog saw his shadow and predicted six more weeks of winter. Today, that prediction came true with a vengeance. Mother Nature has dumped about five or six inches of snow on Englewood, and it's still coming down. I saw this bike shackled to a pole on a walk


January 3,2014
I admit that I had to mentally scroll through my junior high grammar lessons to be sure the error on this sign truly was a mistake. But I was right. Can you find it? Seen near the corner of Lakeview Avenue and Merselis Avenue in Clifton, New Jersey.

Misspellings for Breakfast

August 10,2013
Continuing with the theme of menu mistakes, in my humble opinion this is one of the greatest misspelled menus of all time. If you count repeated misspellings and include the bottom line, which is partially cut off, you should find at least six typos. So thanks, Evergreen Restaurant in Lake